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ePrescribing with Audit4

Audit4 v19.2.0 and above supports sending paperless electronic prescriptions (ePrescribing) within Australia.  After prescribing a medication in Audit4, the print/send process allows clinicians to send a script token to their patient either via SMS or via email.  This token includes a QR code that can be scanned at the pharmacy to retrieve the electronic script.

Getting Ready for ePrescribing

Register for My Health Record / Healthcare Identifiers Service

Audit4 needs to be able to communicate with the Services Australia Healthcare Identifiers Service in order to send a script electronically.  ePrescription tokens include patient Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHIs) which are also used to identify patients in My Health Record.  If you do not already have My Health Record in your Audit4, follow the registration guide on the following page.

For assistance with the registration process, the relevant contact details are located under the For Healthcare providers section on the Digital Health contact-us page:

Once your registration is complete, contact S4S Support to help you configure your Audit4 to connect to My Health Record.

with eRx

ePrescribing is facilitated through Audit4 integration with eRx Script Exchange. You will need to register with eRx via the following link:

You will need to register each prescriber at each location separately.

Please ensure you select Audit4 as your Prescribing Software for each registration.

Once eRx provides us with your registration details, S4S Support will contact you to configure your Audit4.

Start Sending Electronically

Once you have completed the registrations above and Audit4 has been configured, your practice will be able to send paperless ePrescriptions to your patients.  A training video for Audit4 Clinicians is provided within 4Learning, accessible via the Help menu in your Audit4.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • S4S are not charging any fees to help setup ePrescribing in Audit4.
  • There are no charges when sending an ePrescription via email.
  • When sending via SMS to a patient’s mobile phone, you will be charged for the SMS.  However, until end of June 2022, the Federal Government is picking up these costs so they are free up until 30/June/2022.
  • The introduction of the Active Script list is likely to reduce the need for SMS messaging in the future – so after 30/June/2022, it is expected that the total cost of SMS messaging for electronic scripts will be modest.

A PKI Certificate is an electronic certificate used by computer software to secure the communications across an internet connection.  In the Australian digital health context:

  • ePrescribing with eRx requires a NASH PKI Certificate and in some cases a Medicare PKI Certificate for secure transmission of electronic prescriptions (ePrescription tokens).
  • A NASH Certificate is required for the HI Service which is used to identify patients for both ePrescribing and My Health Record
  • The Medicare PKI Certificate provides secure communication with Medicare Online and can also be used for transmitting electronic prescriptions.  In March 2022, the Medicare PKI Certificate will be replaced with a new communication method for Medicare claiming.  Despite Medicare no longer using the Medicare PKI Certificate beyond March 2022, the certificate itself may remain valid until 2024 and can continue to function to securely send ePrescription tokens via eRx.
  • Existing ePrescribing deployments will typically be configured to use your Medicare PKI Certificate to transmit ePrescription tokens. To expedite the registration process for new deployments, your new NASH PKI Certificate can be used instead of a Medicare PKI Certificate.

No.  The ePrescribing system uses its own email system to send the script token to the patient’s email address.  You do not need to have any email address or email program when using the ePrescribing email option.

Once you have a Proda Account and you have an HPI-O then the request for a NASH Certificate only takes a few days after which S4S Support can setup My Health Record for you.

After you have registered with eRx, they will confirm your registration with an email, but it may take them some time before they process your registration.  Please forward this email to S4S Support just so we know you have registered. Once eRx have processed your registration, they will send an email to S4S Support.  Usually this doesn’t take too long, but if you haven’t heard anything from them or us after 2 weeks, please contact S4S Support.

Training videos are available in Audit4 Learning.   To access Audit4 Learning, click on the question mark and you can find a video all about Patient IHI retrievals on the Admin Staff page, and the ePrescribing, Viewing and Uploading from My Health Record videos are available under the Clinician Advanced page.

Mostly, the ePrescribing and the My Health Record interfaces in Audit4 are highly intuitive, but the videos will help you get the most out of the new features and are highly recommended.

As at Aug 2021, the eRx website stated:
“More than 90% of Australian pharmacies are registered with eRx Script Exchange …”  Our own checks have confirmed that all the major national pharmacy chains have statements on their websites indicating that all their stores can accept an electronic script.

Some small independent pharmacies may not be able to accept an electronic script at this stage so for patients that have limited options (e.g. patients in a small rural town/area) or patients that want to use a particular pharmacy only, you may need to check with the pharmacy or resort to a printed script.