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Services Australia grants Audit4 NOI for Web Services

On 9th of March, the Software for Specialists clinical and practice management system for specialists – Audit4 – was granted the Notice of Integration from Services Australia for the Medicare Online Web Services.  This means that Audit4 no longer requires the legacy Medicare PKI Certificate or the legacy Medicare Online Adapter software to submit claims or retrieve reports from Medicare; all related functions use the new Medicare Web Services for secure communications.

The transition to Medicare Online Web Services is being driven by Services Australia to provide communications channels that are

  • secure and stable now and into the future
  • meet current technology standards
  • are easier to update and improve

Prior to the Medicare 13/3/2022 deadline, all Audit4 sites with billing, were updated to a version of Audit4 that received NOI from Services Australia back in July 2022 for all the main basic claiming functions – Patient Claims, Bulk Bills, DVA, Card Verification etc. – and sites were assisted with the transition to use the PRODA B2B device that Web Services requires.  Inpatient Medical Claims were however not officially supported in Audit4 until Medicare had successfully completed the integration testing for IMC functionality.  S4S Support requested and was granted an extension beyond the 13/3/2022 deadline for those Audit4 sites that needed to be able to submit IMCs.

Now that Audit4 has the final Notice of Integration that includes IMC functionality, the roll-out of this version commences immediately, initially targeting those sites that submit IMCs.  It is expected that this update process will be completed by mid to late April, at which point all Audit4 secure communications to Medicare will be solely via Medicare Online Web Services with no reliance on the legacy Medicare PKI Certificates or the legacy Medicare Client Adapter.