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4Learning / Admin Staff / Advanced

Click a heading below to expand that topic and reveal the training material. This page is devoted to Admin Staff that are required to perform more advanced functions as well as some configuration tasks.

When playing a video,  use the Full-Screen button in the bottom right hand corner of the video player to toggle to Full-Screen – and then back to normal size when finished.

For Practices yet switched over to Audit4 Appointments and Billing, there are two presentations back on the 4Learning Home screen

This video is the first training video in the Appointment Advanced series and focuses in on managing patient confirmations with the Appointment Reminder Tasks

Duration 9 mins | Video Version 1.5 | Audit4 v20.1.59 | Published 18/03/2022

This video shows how to use the Appointment Day Check to perform actions like a bulk update of Medicare Numbers or identifying referral issues before the first patient arrives.

Duration 8 mins | Video Version 1 | Audit4 v20.2.0 | Published 16/8/2022

This video is 3rd training video in the Appointment Advanced series and focuses on The Appointment Reschedule Task

Duration 6 mins | Video Version 1.0 | Audit4 v20.1.59 | Published 9/06/2022 Updated 23/2/2023

This video shows how to easily load all the Public Holidays for a year for your region in a few simple steps.

Duration 2mins | Video Version 2 | Audit4 v18.5.0 | Published 28/10/2020

This video shows how a Practice Manager can set and change the fees for a practitioner or a group of practitioners.

Duration 6mins | Video version 1 | Audit4 v18.5.0 | Published 28/10/2020

Finding an invoice by the invoice number helps you receipt a bank transfer payment.

Duration 1m 30s | Video version 1 | Published 28/10/2020

Submitting and Managing Inpatient Medical Claims (IMCs)

Duration 8 mins | Video version 2.2 | Published 31/3/2022

PRODA – Provider Digital Access

Practices need to use a PRODA account to login and perform the following:

  • Register and Manage a PRODA B2B Device (required for Medicare Billing and Claiming).   B2B = Business to Business; in this case your practice to Medicare Online etc.  Your PRODA B2B Device will often be referred to more simply as the PRODA Device.
  • Request a NASH Certificate for My Health Record and / or the Health Identifiers (HI) Service.  Note that the HI Service is required for ePrescribing even if you do not want to use My Health Record.

For more information on PRODA and how to get a PRODA Account, please refer to the Services Australia website:

Request a NASH Certificate

This is done via HPOS which is another service accessible via your PRODA Account.  Within HPOS you will need an HPOS organisation and then within this Organisation you can request a NASH Certificate.  To get more information please visit:
Digital Health – My Health Record: register-and-set-up-access

Renew a NASH Certificate

Within HPOS you can renew a NASH Certificate before it expires to ensure your ePrescribing and your access to My Health Record continue.   The following instructions are provided by the department:
Digital Health – renew a NASH Certificate

Alternatively, you can use the following PDF prepared by S4S Support to help step you through the NASH Certificate Renewal.

Register New PRODA B2B Device

See the following PDF Document:
Audit4 Billing-New PRODA Device for Medicare Web Services.pdf

EXTEND your PRODA Device

See the following PDF Document:

Re-Activate your PRODA Device

Typically you will simple extend your PRODA Device prior to the 180 day expiry and Re-Activation should never normally be required.  However, if you have received a message stating Re-Activation is required, please contact S4S Support.

This video provides the Practice Manager (or Clinician) an overview of the process of getting your Audit4 setup for ePrescribing and My Health Record.

Duration 8m | Video version 4 | Published 11/8/2021


If using the Audit4 Appointments and Billing, then patients will be created in Audit4 and there is a good protection mechanism to avoid accidental creation of duplicates – so you should very rarely get duplicates.  If you use another practice management system that is linked and it creates the Audit4 patient then duplicates can happen.  This can help you handle duplicates.

Duplicate Patients (PDF)

This document provides instructions to help you connect your Audit4 with Sinche MessageMedia after which you can send patient’s appointment reminders and/or adhoc SMS messages.

Registering for SMS services (PDF)

Occasionally you may have a need to contact all or a large subset of patients en mass with a one-off announcement (e.g. the Practice’s phone number is changing).  Sinche MessageMedia provides a good solution to this and Audit4 can provide the list of patients and their mobile numbers.

Bulk Send of SMS Messages

Whilst the access to electronic prescribing is restricted to prescribers only, there may be a need for staff to view the Print-Send script history if a patient rings about a possible missing script.

Viewing Medication Print-Send History

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