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My Health Record in Audit4

Audit4’s My Health Record integration allows the specialist to easily interact with My Health Record for an Audit4 patient. An overview of some of the capabilities is provided below.  Click the images for a closer look.  If you would like further information regarding My Health Record integration in Audit4, please contact S4S Support.

Patient My Health Record Window

The Patient My Health Record window in Audit4 v19.1.0+ provides access to My Health Record documents for each of their patients. Once a clinician has verified the patient’s details and gained access to their My Health Record, they have the ability to access a range of documentation including:

  • Shared Health Summaries from a primary physician
  • Event Summary documents from other providers
  • Discharge Summaries from past hospital admissions
  • Health Record Overview
  • Medicines View
  • Prescription and Dispense View
  • Pathology Report and Diagnostic Imaging Report Views
My Health Record shared Health Summary
Patient My Health Record Window and Shared Health Summary

Uploading to My Health Record

Audit4 also provides the ability to upload the following My Health Record documents as part of the existing Audit4 clinical workflow:

  • Prescriptions
  • Event Summary, containing:
    • Conditions
    • Procedures
    • Medications
    • Allergies
    • Clinical Notes
  • Specialist Letters
My Health Record Event Summary
My Health Record Event Summary

Downloading My Health Record Documents

In addition to the uploading capabilities, Audit4 users have the ability to download and save documents from other healthcare providers, manage their own document upload history for the patient and revise previous document uploads (e.g. supersede or remove).

My Health Record Upload History
My Health Record Upload History

My Health Record Resources

The Australian Digital Health Agency provides online training, webinars and other resources for healthcare providers to learn more about My Health Record.