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Audit4 provides a comprehensive suite of electronic tools which streamlines clinical management, reduces costs, and improves patient safety.

Key Features

  • Prescribe and manage medications
    • Uses MIMS Integrated
    • Active Ingredient Prescribing compliant
    • Paperless electronic prescriptions in Aus – ePrescribing
  • Ordering of pathology, imaging, nuclear medicine
  • Templates to generate correspondence
  • Autotext type capabilities for text, patient details, latest pathology observation
  • Scan or import documents (images, PDF documents etc.)
  • Task management, alerts and reminders
  • eCorrespondence via electronic secure messaging providers
  • Inbox for incoming electronic pathology results and imaging reports
  • Extensive audit capabilities
  • Powerful graphing tool
  • HL7-A19 Query Response (for linking to Hospital PAS)

My Health Record

For an overview of Audit4’s integration with My Health Record, please click here.  Existing Audit4 users will find further details in Channel4 (within Audit4).

Active Ingredients Prescribing

Legislation passed in 2019 mandates that prescriptions must show active ingredients from February 2021.   Audit4 has always allowed using generic names when prescribing, and as of Audit4 version 19.1.0 (released Q4 2020), new prescriptions automatically display Active Ingredients even when a brand name is selected to provide a compliant script.

More information about the regulations underpinning these changes can be found on the PBS website: –

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Audit4 Graph with event indicated
Audit4 Rheumatology Joint Scores
Audit4 DAS
Patient Summary Example