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Audit4 Billing has full integration with Audit4 Clinical and Appointment modules, providing a streamlined billing experience for the patient and practice staff.  Tailored setup combined with clean screen design ensures a minimal effort user experience when completing common billing tasks.

Supported Fee Schedules

  • MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule)
  • DVA
  • AMA
  • Workers’ Compensation (Vic, SA, Qld)
  • Custom

Billing and Claiming

  • Medicare Web Services fully supported
  • Medicare Online (Bulk bill, Patient Claiming, Reporting, Patient Verification)
  • Medicare Easyclaim using Tyro (Bulk bill, Patient Claiming)
  • Medicare Eclipse (DVA, IMC – Inpatient Medical Claiming, Reporting, Veteran Verification, IMC – Online Eligibility Check)

Click here for information about the 2022 Audit4 Billing transition to Medicare Web Services.


  • Tyro EFTPOS full integration
  • Manual EFTPOS is supported

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Audit4 Billing Dashboard
Audit4 Billing screen shot