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Audit4 version 2.58 roll-out is underway

This latest release includes:

  • WP Tasks – Workflow for your correspondence:    Audit4 Tasks (introduced into Audit4 last year), have been extended to provide the ability to manage the workflow of preparing, reviewing, revising and sending/printing of Audit4 Express reports. WP Tasks provides a streamlined way of managing the process from creation to delivery.
    • Works whether you use secure health messaging solutions such as Argus, Healthlink, Medical Objects or ReferralNet or you print your letters – the process is the same.
    • The process can easily be initiated from either an Express Report or a patient’s Consult Note.
    • Even if you are a practitioner who prefers to create your own Express Reports (with good Audit4 content templates this is quick and easy), WP Tasks is still a great way for you to hand over the responsibility of sending (electronically or printing/folding/posting) onto secretarial staff as soon as you’re happy that it is ready.
    • When using WP Tasks, a Bulk Send feature is available for all of the WP Tasks that are ready to send.
    • Channel4 and the Audit Help File both have detailed information on using WP Tasks.
  • Audit4 Inbox Enhancements:    In addition to the usual patient information that is displayed with the Pathology Result or Radiology report, the patient age and comorbidities are now also included. Other minor cosmetic/layout improvements have also been made.
  • New Audit and Search – Search for Patients on a Medication that are missing certain results.    Several Audit and Searches have been enhanced, but this new one is noteworthy. By supplying the Medication and up to 4 Pathology results you would expect, it will list the patients who are on the medication but are missing the specified results.
  • Audit4 Contextual Help for Windows Vista and Windows 7:    You can now use the F1 key on most screens and Dialog boxes within Audit4 and the Audit4 Help file will launch and go to the appropriate help topic. Previously contextual help was only available on Windows XP.
  • Easy inclusion of Express Graphs in your Express Reports:    Prior to this release, it was possible to include an Audit4 Express Graph in an Express Report (i.e. Letters), but now the process is much simpler, and can be initiated either from the Express Report or from the Express Graph.

As with every release of Audit4, there are also many new and enhanced clinical worksheets and preview panes.

[Sept 2012]