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Audit4 version 2.50 is now being rolled out

This version of Audit4 has some significant new features:

  • New Look Inbox:    The new Audit4 Inbox has a totally new look and feel, with features and layout designed to make it easier and more efficient for specialists to handle the myriad of electronic items they receive.
  • eCorrespondence (aka. RSD messaging):    Increasingly, healthcare providers are sending referrals, specialist correspondence, imaging reports and discharge summaries via secure messaging solutions such as Argus, Healthlink, Medical Objects and ReferralNet. Audit4 is now able to import this type of message (specifically – HL7 v2.3.1 “REF“). These can then be viewed via the eCorrespondence button within the Inbox. Files embedded within these HL7 Ref messages can be .txt, .PIT, .html, and .PDF – S4S recommends PDF as this format gives a better quality, easier to read end result. As with pathology results, eCorrespondence will automatically match where the patient name, address in the message is identical to the Audit4 patient details.
  • Result & eCorrespondence Acknowledgements:   Audit4 can now provide HL7 Acknowledgements for results and eCorrespondence items that are received from third parties – Pathology/Radiology companies, Hospitals and Referring Drs etc. This means that the system that is sending the you the eCorrespondence or result, can be automatically notified that it has been received at your end.
  • Enhanced Recalls:   The Recalls feature in Audit4 is not new, but it has been enhanced and now suits multi-practitioner sites better than before.
  • New format for Imaging Reports:   Some Imaging providers are able to provide “html” formatted reports within the HL7 messages they send. Audit4 supports this new format for reports, making the reports more readable with web links that can take the practitioner to the associated images on the companies website.

As with every release of Audit4, there are also many new and enhanced clinical worksheets and preview panes.

[June 2011]