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Audit4 version 2.29 has been released

New Features:

    • Express Graph: Click on express graph icon to create a instant visual overview of the patients history. Eg: graph lipids, blood pressure and weight, and mark significant events eg show when statin was initiated or ceased and the AMI that occurred three weeks later!
    • Email: Generate an Audit4 express letter and send via email
    • Clinical Worksheets – lots of new ones!
      • Head and neck tumour follow-up and management,
      • Thyroid nodular disease, Graves’ Ophthalmopathy, Thyroid nuclear scan, Diabetes complications, Diabetes management, Paget’s disease
      • Haematological malignancy staging prognostic systems and clinical response, bone marrow biopsy
      • Renal transplant – workup, transplantation, rejection and transplant biospy
      • Lifestyle – diet and exercise

      And many more developed specifically for departments and individual practices.

    • New Classification system: Haematologists can now select WHO terminology for haematological malignancies with behind the scenes correct mapping to ICD-10 and ICD-0

[June 2008]