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Audit4 v14 Released

With an improved interface, Audit4 v14.1.4 brings a slightly new look and feel that is consistent with Audit4’s Appointments module and the soon to be released billing module.  These changes will not pose any difficulty for those familiar with Audit4 as the location of all the frequently used features has not changed significantly.  But the modernised look should be easier on the eye with meaningful easy to recognise icons that are not overly distracting.

The Channel 4 feature within Audit4 includes a PDF document listing all the new features and enhancements.  A few items are highlighted below:

  • A number of additions and changes to conditions and procedures.
  • Additional content templates for pathology and patient Lifestyle.
  • For Australian Rheumatology specialties:
    • PBS Authority forms have been updated to be in line with current Medicare requirements for Rheumatoid Arthritis (PB109 and PB111), Ankylosing Spondylitis (PB074), and Psoriatic Arthritis (PB106).
    • New Patient Questionnaires for OPAL Consent and Biosimilars – a separate topic with documentation can be found in Channel 4.

The next Audit4 version, which includes the beta version of the new Audit4 Billing module, is currently in the alpha test phase and due for beta release in August 2018.