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New S4S Web Site

New S4S WebsiteS4S Full Logo

The S4S Website, originally setup in 2006 has undergone a redevelopment including a move to more contemporary hosting technology.  Most new clients for Audit4 are the result of word of mouth  – existing Audit4 users talking to other specialists.  For this reason the website hasn’t always received the attention that it deserves. This move was long overdue.

We hope that people will find that the new web site

  • presents information clearly
  • is easy and intuitive to navigate
  • has sufficient information to prove that Audit4 is worthy of closer inspection.

We believe that demonstrations, along with the opportunity to ask questions as you go, provide the most complete understanding of the capabilities of a software product – particularly when the product is as comprehensive and clinically deep as Audit4.   An extensive checklist of features does not provide context of how these features are implemented – are they implemented with usability in mind or are they more of hindrance than help?  For a specialist, a demonstration provides the opportunity to explore some of the things most relevant to your specialty, and build a better understanding of how the software may benefit the way you work.

This web site only provides a glimpse of the Audit4 capabilities and we encourage you to request a one on one demonstration.

Channel 4 (the information portal within Audit4) will continue to be the main conduit for Audit4 related information from S4S to existing Audit4 users.