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Audit4 was first designed as a clinical management system.  Development started in 2004 with design being driven by specialists to ensure the best possible fit exclusively for specialists using the product at point of care.  Careful design provided the pathway to facilitate research efforts as well as being able to provide customisations and extensions for the needs of individual specialties.

  • Suitable for private practice and hospital departments
  • Enhances practice efficiency saving time and reducing costs
    • electronic scripts (uses MIMS Integrated)
    • templates to generate correspondence – e.g. letter to referring doctor
    • autotext type capabilities for text, patient details, latest pathology observation
    • import documents individually or in batches (images, PDF documents etc.)
    • scan documents directly from the patient screen
    • recalls, alerts, reminders and tasks
  • Seamless eCorrespondence via electronic secure messaging providers
    • send and receive
    • HealthLink
    • Argus
    • ReferralNet
    • Medical Objects
    • HL7 REF v2.3.1 supporting PDF, RTF, TEXT and HTML plus delivery reporting*
  • Builds comprehensive patient record
    • improved patient outcomes
    • saves practitioner’s time via high quality patient summary and single click pathology graphs
    • clinical worksheets specific to specialties, conditions and procedures
    • anatomy annotations and links to diagnosis
  • Inbox for incoming electronic pathology results and imaging reports with automatic patient matching whenever possible
  • Projects for clinical research (new projects require development work – contacts us to discuss requirements)
  • Extensive Audit capabilities using
    • diagnoses
    • medications
    • demographics
    • pathology observations
    • combinations of above
  • Powerful graphing tool
  • HL7-A19 Query Response (for linking to Hospital PAS)
  • Product support i.e. beyond the installation – database and application management services provided for the full life-cycle.

* Delivery reporting requires End to End HL7 acknowledgement messages – not all secure messaging systems that provide this service

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Audit4 Clinical Patient Summary
Audit4 Clinical Anatomy
Audit4 Clinical Worksheet for RA
Audit4 Express Graph