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Audit4 Appointments was released in Audit4 version 11 (Q3 2016).  It is a fully functional Appointment Calendar system supporting multiple practitioners and multiple locations.

  • Easy to use Ribbon and Calendar control for navigating to a day.
  • Customisable appointment types and durations
  • Calendar increments match smallest appointment duration type
  • Various selectable views
    • All Calendars or just a selected subset of practitioners
    • All locations or just a selected subset
    • Calendars can have multiple columns for double bookings
    • 1 day, 5 day or 7 day calendar views
    • Waiting Room
    • List view
  • Can easily setup complex plans for
    • availability with weekly or by weekly etc. repeating patterns
    • can dedicate time periods as available for specific types (initial consults) or for any type
    • can set availability for non patient related appointments (e.g. meetings)
  • Easily view patient appointment history and future appointments from the patients clinical window.
  • Powerful find will show future availability without the need to flick through the calendar.
  • Waiting list with automatic notification when matches exist (i.e. after a cancellation someone on the waiting list can be contacted for an earlier appointment)
  • Reschedule Task for managing communication with patients appointments affected when a specialists availability suddenly changes
  • Initiate billing for patient from calendar (requires Audit4 Billing module)
  • Patient reminders tasks with automated or manual SMS messaging – optional reply handling.

Click image for a larger view

Audit4 Appointment Calendar with 2drs and columns
Audit4 Appointment Reschedule Task
Audit4 Appointment Reminder Task
Audit4 Appointment Waiting List